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June 3, 2020

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15 July 2013



Insider TA logoNorth Stonington, Connecticut -- Stocks Blocks® Inc. has released Insider TA™ version 7.0, a major upgrade from version 6.1.  Insider TA has been used by traders around the world since its 1995 debut of version 2.

Insider TA is an end-of-day volume oriented program that embraces Equivolume analysis, a fascinating charting method created by Richard Arms, Jr.  In Insider TA documentation, this technique is referred to as Box Charting.  An effective tool that excels at illustrating volume cycles, Insider TA maximizes the potential of Equivolume charting by allowing the user to interact with its graphics viewport in real-time.  Equivolume charts can be dragged, zoomed, stretched and compressed in the horizontal and vertical directions for a more effective analysis.  Insider TA includes a unique Box Analysis (BA) optimizing function that back tests historical data to track best signaling performance.  Volume analysis includes an innovative tool called the Volume Analyzer (VA) that is based on On-Balance Volume.  Charts can be toggled from Equivolume to Candlestick and Candle volume modes. Point & Figure charting, although not volume-oriented, is included as a cross-referencing mechanism.

Insider TA v7

Insider TA Standard costs $79 and works with ASCII data. The Professional edition costs $149 and adds in compatibility with CSI®, TC2000® Version 7, and Metastock® data.  The Professional edition also includes a File Scan Utility and stop loss and trailing stop indicators.

Thorougly written onscreen help documentation (in the conventional Windows CHM format) and a variety of MPEG-4 video tutorials are included so that you will be up and running with the program in record time.  Free Internet-downloads for build updates are achieved with the click of a button. Insider TA is compatible with Windows 10.  A free demo download is available.

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